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Personal Details

NameDr. Garima Goyal
Practicing Since2008
NameDr. Garima Goyal
MDS(Periodontics)-Maharaj Vinayak Global University-2017
BDS(Dentist)-Rajasthan Dental College Hospital-2009
Practicing Since2008

Braces and Aligner Specialist

MDS Orthodontics is an advanced dental specialization dedicated to diagnosing, preventing, and correcting dental and facial irregularities related to teeth and jaw alignment. Within this field, Braces and Aligner Specialists play a pivotal role in improving the aesthetics, functionality, and overall oral health of their patients.

As Diagnosticians, Orthodontists are skilled in identifying malocclusions (misalignments), crowded or crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and other orthodontic issues. They use a combination of diagnostic tools, including X-rays, photographs, and impressions, to thoroughly assess a patient’s dental alignment and create personalized treatment plans.

Beyond their expertise in the active phase of orthodontic treatment, Braces and Aligner Specialists also focus on the importance of retention. After completing the active treatment, they provide patients with retainers to maintain the corrected tooth positions and prevent relapse.

Orthodontists work with patients of all ages, including children and adults. For children with developing orthodontic issues, early intervention may be recommended to address potential problems before they become more severe.

In addition to their technical skills, Orthodontists prioritize patient education. They ensure that patients understand their orthodontic issues, the proposed treatment plan, and the importance of complying with care instructions for optimal results.

MDS Orthodontics is a dynamic field that continuously evolves with ongoing research and advancements. Braces and Aligner Specialists stay up-to-date with the latest developments in orthodontic technologies and techniques, striving to provide their patients with the most effective and efficient orthodontic care.

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