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Invisible Aligners

What are invisible aligners?

Invisible aligners are constructed from transparent and durable plastic, making them nearly invisible when worn. A significant advantage of these aligners is that they are removable, setting them apart from other orthodontic options.

How does clear aligners work?

  • Initial Assessment: Dentists take mouth impressions, models, and dental radiographs to obtain precise measurements and create a treatment plan.
  • Custom Fabrication: Clear aligners are custom-made based on the measurements and treatment plan to address specific dental issues.
  • Divided Treatment: The treatment is divided into multiple stages, with the number of aligners determined by the individual case.
  • Step-by-Step Progress: The patient starts by wearing a set of aligners and progresses to new sets at regular intervals.
  • Gradual Repositioning: With each new set of aligners, the teeth are gently repositioned towards the desired outcome.
  • Treatment Completion: Once the teeth reach the desired position and angulation, fixed or removable retainers are used to prevent potential relapse.

Overall, clear aligners offer a discreet and effective way to address mild to moderate dental issues and achieve the desired alignment of the teeth.

Benefits of invisible aligners

  • With no wires and brackets, they are more comfortable to wear.
  • These aligners are made from a crystal-clear hard plastic material, ensuring they are hardly noticeable, thus maintaining the attractiveness of your smile.
  • Teeth braces like Invisalign can be removed while eating, brushing, and flossing your tooth, which offers you comfort while eating and helps to maintain dental hygiene.
  • They are metal-free.
  • They are very easy to maintain, they can be cleaned with bleach and water to eliminate stains.
  • Opting for invisible aligners is ideal if your job involves frequent social interactions, as they are discreet and barely noticeable, allowing you to maintain a confident smile while engaging with others.

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